A Little Change.

Hey guys. Probably most of you have already noticed by now that I have not been posting these days. There’s a reason, of course – The same old nightmare : EXAMS! My exams end on the 20th of February and my Internship starts on 1st March so life hasn’t exactly been chill for some time now. When I’m not studying I’m always busy with Netflix or Amazon Prime and I watch new TV shows. I always prefer watch a series more than movies. Maybe because we get a more detailed insight into the characters and their lives and I’ve always loved observing and learning about people, their characteristics. More than that I believe TV shows ( the good ones ) shape your personality to some extent. It expands your mind and makes you more accepting of others.

The reason why I just wrote a brief summary of my obsession with TV shows is because I’ve decided to suggest a new TV show each week for you guys to watch. Let’s face it, I watch so many of them that it’s hard to keep track of it at times. I figured that I should utilize it some way. And I know so many of you would love to discover new shows, who knows it might lead to you guys obsessing over it as well. I’ll make sure these shows are available on Netflix or Prime or Hulu. If not, I’ll provide links.

I won’t start doing this right now. Gotta wait till March. I’ll update on Every Saturday so that makes one post per week, confirmed. Besides when I feel like it or I have something to share, I’ll definitely post other stuff too. This is it for now, then.

P.S, Thank You so much for 50 follows! I started 3 months back and it hasn’t exactly been easy but I love every single one of my readers from the bottom of my heart ( more than I love my friends )


Mili x


My Favorite Serena Van Der Woodsen’s Outfits – Gossip Girl.

Hello Upper East Siders!

Gossip Girl is definitely one of my favorite TV series that I love binging. Blair and Serena were the ultimate Frenemies ( friends more than enemies ) and when we talk about fashion I’m sure we cannot help agreeing on the fact that Gossip Girl was the best! Hard to believe the first episode of Gossip Girl premiered over a decade ago which kinda makes me feel old but that’s not the point. It was so ahead of it’s time that we can still relate to the story so freaking much. Personally, I relate with Serena’s story especially the times she were left out and misunderstood. So I’ve taken the liberty of sharing my favorite Serena Outfits that I’d totally wear.

I think we all can agree that Serena Van Der Woodsen was the definition of WINTER CHIC!

She’s more than just about coats! Queen of Casuals.

And when it comes to dresses …

And the TRUE Golden Girl Of The Upper East Side.

It was really hard for me to select a few outfits because every single one she wore was beautiful and chic.

And with that, I end my post. Also, I’ve my exams next month so I might not post.

You know you love me. XOXO. Gossip Girl.


Dealing With The Loss Of A Loved One.

On 21st June, 2018 I lost my best friend Alexa to suicide. She was battling cancer, she was pregnant and she was fighting with monsters some of us had clearly no clue about. I try not to think about it because it was hard letting go. She was the only person I spoke to for a couple of months before that. She understood me. She treated me like her little sister. She was my guardian angel. I never met her in person but I could always count on her no matter what for. When nothing goes right but you have that one person who does things to cheer you up, to make you smile – you gotta hold on to them. I tried holding on but maybe my love wasn’t enough. My heart hurts when I think of the moment I received the message that you’re gone. You decided to end it. It was definitely harder for your family and especially your brother and sister because I know how much they loved you. I did too. I’ve completely shunned talking to the people whom we both knew.

I lost my dad when I was younger and now I lost my best friend, and I know many of us have dealt or known of someone who has gone through this great pain and sadness of losing a parent or close loved one. When we lose a mom, dad, brother, sister, or any loved one it’s an incredible pain that no words can describe. They say the most beautiful things in life can’t be seen or touched, but must be felt with the heart. I believe in the same truth that the worst pains in life can’t be seen or touched, but must be felt by the heart. During, these painful times most humans shut down, they need time and space to take it in, no words fix anything. Some words might bring comfort to your heart and soul. No words never really make one better when losing a loved one and it’s because when there is a time for happiness and a time for joy there is also a time for grief and time for embracing our emotions. So, feeling sad and having your heart completely shattered is okay. Laying in bed for couple days or weeks is okay, don’t get me wrong we all have our timing to heal.

Take your time. Its okay to not go out, it’s okay to tell people you’re hurting and want some alone time. It’s okay to break down in public, you’re so beautiful, and you need to remember that. Being weak is often the strongest thing you can do. I, personally, would’ve saved myself a lot of pain and sorrow if I would’ve let my ego go a long time ago and ask for help.

I learned that Just because we have to walk through those paths of life, that we don’t have to stay there. You have to let them go and not hold onto that pain, because like in my case holding on sometimes does more damage than good. Think of it as a rope that you’re holding onto, your hands are well gripped on it, as the rope is being pulled your hands will become fragile and weak. Let go, you’re only hurting yourself, and they wouldn’t want that, trust me and trust them. I don’t know who you might have lost, but I do know one thing, and that’s that they’re going to a better place and they would want you to be happy. Yes, they might have passed, and it seemed like a part of you died and was taken with them, but a part of them was also kept alive in you and will stay with you. Don’t let their loss be an excuse to stay hurt, let it be your purpose. Live for them and celebrate their wonderful life. Whenever something is hard, and you feel weak, remind yourself what you been through, remind yourself who is on your side and say because of that event happening I will get through this! We humans often think of our world in such little perspective, we fail to acknowledge that when we die, only our physical bodies die, but not our souls. That beautiful soul you lost isn’t gone. Yes, you might not be able to see them or touch them physically, but they are still there just not in the way that we would like them to. Don’t think about the things you wish you could’ve said because you still can. Say it to them now. They are still here, watching over you. Don’t worry about the last conversation you might have had, because they can see and know what you honestly feel.
They are now an angel watching over you, they love you, and they know you love them. It’s true you might not be happy all the time, but you can always be at peace knowing they are in a better place, knowing they can still hear you and see you. On the day they passed away try to do something they enjoyed doing in their memory, do something to celebrate them. Let it be your drive, grow through what you go through. When you remember them, don’t remember how sad you felt. Instead, remember your strength and purpose in their memory. If you’re still hurting talk about it, cry about it, its okay, write letters to them and store them away. Cherish their belongings, but remember that Love you had for them and that Love they had for you, is still there. Love is the one thing that we are capable of having that can transcend time and space.

Today is a new day. Come up with a plan, chip away at it, step by step. Be consistent and see progress. Focus on a few things that you’re passionate about. Work harder than before. Be STRATEGIC, be ORGANISED, be informed. Be POSITIVE. You are worthy without anyone’s approval. You are valuable even if someone told you otherwise.

Do not be the sailboat that changes direction with the wind. Be the lighthouse that stands tall, unwavering, shining a light so bright that others are guided to good places by it.

Thank you for always being there with me.


In loving memory of my friend Alexa. I love you.

I Love YOU.

YOU. Who are YOU?

Yes. You totally read that title right. I love YOU. And if you don’t know “YOU” is actually a Netflix Series that released on 28th December, 2018. It took me one sleepless night to complete the entire series. I had no intention to. It was really really engaging and I just couldn’t help it.

It feels like yesterday that our “Lonely Boy” was stalking the “It-Girl” Serena Van Der Woodsen but now we see him stalking another blonde, Beck. Well. Time sure does fly.

The series consists of 10 episodes and is based on a book of the same name. If you love Mystery, Thrill and everything Dark then YOU is what you should be watching next ( rather right now! )

I won’t be talking about the story at all because it’s not possible to do that without giving out spoilers and I’m a very good person so I definitely won’t do that. So what I’m going to do is talk about it’s impact on me and make you guys watch the series or at least add it to your “Watch-list” right after you finish reading this post.

The show is about a Book-Store Manager’s obsession with one of his customers. The moment she walks in he starts reading her. He follows her. He stalks her online and if that isn’t scary enough for you – he stalks her In Real Life! Dang.

I really loved Joe Goldberg’s character. It’s problematic I know but it’s really well developed. His story definitely proves how great impact your childhood and upbringing has on you and how it shapes your personality. The things he went through made him do what he did.

Beck, an aspiring writer is the victim and is kinda the modern age “Damsel In Distress” She needed someone to show her the light, to guide her and well to do her right. Whatever. That’s not the point. I wouldn’t say she’s my favorite character on the show but she was nice. I don’t really want to know more of her story because the important parts were told.

I loved Annika. I loved Peach ( I LOVE SHAY SO THERE’S NO QUESTION IN NOT LIKING HER ). I loved Paco. I hated Benji. They’ve really important roles. You guys have no idea how much hard I’m trying to control myself from revealing the entire storyline.

One thing that completely stunned me was the Ending. It was perfect. I cannot wait for the second season! The creators have got a great storyline so I really hope they don’t ruin it in the second season like 13 Reasons Why did. ( No shade )

I’m honestly so damn interested in Knowing Joe Goldberg’s story. Seems really interesting because just by having a glance at someone it’s impossible to be obsessed to a level where you are willing to risk everything you have ( *cough* Basic Rights as a Citizen *cough* ). Okay fine please let me tell you guys he murders people. Whom? I won’t reveal.

One thing I forgot to mention and it’s actually a really important point. If anything good I’ve learned from this show it is about how important privacy is. I’m not really asking you to have a private Instagram account but share information only how much is required. Like you cannot expect people to not stalk you after you’ve shared pictures that might be intimidating. Do it only after taking safety measures. Forget stalking, people might even steal your pictures and claim them to be theirs. So it’s really important to know your audience. That’s all thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.

Fun Opinion: Okay so I spend a significant amount on Twitter every week and I came across a tweet that said “Spotted. Lonely Boy behind a blonde that doesn’t look like our S. Careful D. You never know what you may end up doing. You know you love me. XOXO Gossip Girl.”

It was really funny and made me realize how similar these characters are not just to mention it’s the same actor playing the role. It’s low-key stalker Dan Humphrey turning into Joe Goldberg after Serena left him. How cool ( or not so cool ) would that be ?

Also, after I completed the series I wasn’t ( I still am not ) able to picture Dan Humphrey in Gossip Girl as the sweet guy. He wasn’t that sweet but you get me what I mean. Everytime I try to binge on it I feel like He’s going to kill our S or B or Chuck or Nate or someone. Suggest me ways to get past this phase please?

That said, I’d like to end my Obsession with YOU here. Looking forward to the next season and hearing from you guys about whether I was able to make you watch the show or not. Let me know.

Love you all,

Gossip Girl. Just Kidding. Mili x

Golden Globes 2019 – Best Dressed.

Hey guys. Happy 2019! This is my first post of the year and honestly whenever there’s an event I can’t wait to judge the outfits that our celebrities decide to drape in while I’m lying down all day in my PJs. Just saying! I had to do research before choosing my favorite outfits this year cause let’s face it something is wrong with their fashion game. I literally couldn’t find even 10 outfits that I would love to have in my closet. I mean maybe it’s just me but I really didn’t like most of the dresses this year. But ladies ( and lads if you even read my blog ) here’s my personal outfit preferences from this year’s Golden Globe Awards.

Regina King

Alison Brie

Taylor Swift

Emily Blunt

Allison Jenney

Gemma Chan

Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper ( yes! A couple)

Lady Gaga

That would be all. Let me know who you liked the most. I’m always looking forward to learn about my reader’s favorites. Also definitely tweet me mentioning what kind of posts you guys would like to see next. Stay In Touch till then. Love you all!


I’m Ready For You, 2019

This isn’t exactly what you’d expect my blog posts to be about. This isn’t conventional. This is me, UNFILTERED.

2018 was the hardest year of my life yet. Someone once said, if you’re happy all the time, if you’re content all the time, if you’re not nervous at all – your life is boring. And guess what? I love Adventures. I take risks. I fall in love. I get my heart broken. I get rejected. I get ignored. I trust people easily. I am insecure. I am broken.

But still, I keep going. Maybe somewhere deep inside my heart I know these heartbreaks are preparing me for my future. They’re making me stronger. I’ve learnt to fake a smile.

I know these days most of you say “New Year is not equal to New Beginnings”. I’ve a request. Please don’t shatter hopes. People like me know the importance of New Beginnings. There’s nothing wrong in wanting to change yourself for the better – Evolving.

If you’re asking me what possibly went wrong in 2018, here’s a list:

  • Some of my friends decided to stop being friends with me.
  • I hurt my closest friends. I let my insecurity show.
  • I lost a very dear friend of mine to suicide. It broke me completely.
  • I tried killing myself.
  • I was still alive.
  • I tried being Happy. I tried seeing the good in things. I couldn’t.
  • I opened up to a few close friends, they convinced me I’ll be okay and they’re going to be there for me but I feared being judged and being left alone.

That would be all. I’ve really tried to change the past three months and I must admit, I’m happier. I cry less. I fake smile less.

The people who are friends with me know I’m complicated. I know I’m not grateful enough but I thank you everyday for keeping me a little more sane. For cheering me up when I feel down. Thank you!

Overall, I would say 2018 has been a year of expectations, rejections, hardships, breakdowns and learnings. Now, I look forward to growth in 2019.

Whether you pushed me or pulled me,

Drained me or fueled me,

Loved me or left me,

Hurt me or helped me,

You were a part of my growth this year!

Thank You.

And, to everyone suffering, Don’t give up. Everything will get better. Maybe it will take time. But it will. I know it. I’ve been there too.


Malosri Basu a.k.a Millie


Hey Everyone! I’m Ekon and as you all might have guessed by now, this is a guest post. And first things first, if it’s your first time on this blog, Stunning Beauty aside, Millie is also exceptionally sweet and her blog is extremely good so make sure you follow her.

And a little about me, I have a blog on (Mostly men’s) Grooming, Fashion and fitness. If any of you are interested, you are welcomed to check my blog, Ekon Journal.

And now let’s come to the point, 2018.

2018 was a mixed year for me, It changed me completely. I had a roller coaster ride this year. Starting the year with a major heartbreak, an idiotic story of betrayal and failing of an examination to my dream college. Progressing to low marks in 12th Boards and eventually deciding to drop a year to figure stuff out. Cut to today, the last day of the year with a completed internship and this blog that I absolutely love seeing grow like a baby. I am now fat to fit with a routine of regular exercise and meditation. I have developed like never before.

But that was me. Until 6 months of 2018, It was my worst months until I completed the year. What I am saying is, that point in my life? after 6 months? That might be you right now. At your lowest but you cannot sink any further so hold on because it’s all uphill from here. Maybe you failed, had a bad breakup, or maybe you lost your job. Maybe you cannot love again, cannot trust again, whatever it is, it’s for the best now. It defines who you are and it will take you to levels you can’t imagine. Trust me, it will get better. For when I look back now, I see my heartbreak and failure to go to that college was one of the best things that ever happened to me because now, I am preparing for a better one with my body and mind on point.

So goodbye to 2018! And a gracious goodbye, for everything the year taught us, gave us, and made us. And Welcome 2019, For everything that breaks me down, builds me up stronger.

Happy New Year guys! Your 2019 is gonna be awesome!

If you like this post, make sure you hit the like down below. Once again, Follow Millie’s blog and if you are interested in Grooming, fitness and fashion, follow my blog, Ekon Journal

That’s been it for the last day of the year,

Twitter: @Ekon_Journal
Instagram: journal.ekon

12 Movies I Loved This Year.

2018 was surprisingly a very good and progressive year for Bollywood when it comes to movies. People just didn’t love the movies cause they had big superstars in it but because the story was great. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time now, honestly. And, I was specifically excited about this blog post because I’ve watched every single Bollywood movie that has released this year and most of it were with my friends at the theatres. So it was actually quite tough filtering movies and selecting my favorite twelve but after one week of extreme thinking I guess I have my choices.

In a very random order:


This movie went through a lot during it’s release but guess what? If anything it helped in it’s publicity. And yes it was worth it. I know even though history, the most of what was shown was utterly fictional but I really like Sanjay Leela Bhansali movies because they’re very aesthetic and engaging. The music is fantastic and so are the necklaces worn by Deepika Padukone. I was a little teary eyed after watching this one cause just imagine what a woman had to go through only because she was a woman?


Well I guess I’m just including this movie in my list (in place of Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety which even though very entertaining and hilarious was nothing like Pyaar Ka Punchnaama. But credits to Nusrat Bharucha and Kartik Aaryan for being so good actors) Because it was really good step for Bollywood to actually talk about menstruation. Kudos to that. Of course let’s not forget how amazing Akshay Kumar is!

10. BAAGHI 2

I’ve to admit I wasn’t that sure about including this movie but I loved the story. I actually liked it better than the prequel. This movie was sweet, emotional and really engaging.


I’m speechless when it comes to describing how beautiful this movie was. Did complete Justice and I left the theatres feeling content. Alia Bhatt was great. Vicky Kaushal was amazing. I actually liked him in Manmarziyaan too but overall that movie didn’t live upto my expectations so I didn’t include it in this list. But had this been Top 15 favorites then it would’ve been here for sure. Kudos to Meghna Gulzar. I’m looking forward to see more of her work.


I loved this movie. The second half though I admit could’ve been a teeny tiny bit better but overall it was awesome. Sunil Grover, Radhika Madan, Sanya Malhotra were great. Perfect portrayal of a love-hate relationship that most sisters have.


I would rate DHADAK 4 out of 5 stars. Nothing is perfect but it’s a really close call. I loved the movie. I really loved it. Great story, great acting, really great ending. Jahnvi Kapoor’s expression in the ending was actually the expression of most of us after watching the movie. And if your Haven’t watched it yet, maybe you should because you don’t want to miss out on such an unexpected twist and I’m not spoiling so chill !


Damn damn damn. This year was definitely for Ayushman Khurrana. I’ve loved him since Vicky Donor and well this movie is a masterpiece. It kept to hooked to the screens and made me think and never failed to make me surprised. So thankful that Netflix got it.


South Indian movie dubbed in Hindi. Visual treat. No unnecessary drama and very engaging. I loved it.


Jalebi is probably going to be a very memorable movie because I watched it on my birthday. It’s actually the Hindi version of Praktan, a Bengali movie derived from Rabindranath Tagore’s novel. The endings were slightly different and I must admit I liked this one’s better. The protagonists were amazing and did complete Justice to their roles.


Stree is another such movie that surprised my friends ( not me cause I had a feeling it would be cool but it was coolest ). Rajkumar Rao is Bollywood’s treasure and I’m so happy he’s getting all the love and respect that he deserves. As for Stree, if you’ve watched it you’ll know I’m not sugar-coating at all when I say it should bag most of the awards this year.


A movie that has been wonderfully made but didn’t stand out because let’s face it? Most of the people fail to understand ” Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover “. I was really impressed. I loved Banita Sandhu. I loved Varun Dhawan. I loved the story. Best cinematography. It was really calm and I cried like a baby. This movie is really special. Special place in my heart. Bollywood should make more movies like this one and promote them well because.. I’ll tell you why when I write about my Most Favorite movie this year. Swipe up.


If this isn’t the love-story Bollywood needed to come back on track, I don’t know what is. Another poorly publicized movie which indeed received great reviews but failed to collect more so was labeled as “Box-Office Flop”. But why do people go with the money? Why not the reviews? Why not the performance? I loved this movie so much that whenever people ask me for suggestions this one’s my first. I’ve a girl crush on Tripti Dimri and I really think people should appreciate her performance as well. She was amazing. She should get the praising she deserves. I HAVE A HUGE CRUSH ON AVINASH TIWARY! What a gem of an actor. The compliments that he got after portraying Qais Bhatt – Majnu so well were justified. He kept me engaged throughout. The chemistry that they had was amazing. Special Mention: That one moment. When Majnu saw Laila after 4 years. It gave me goosebumps. It tore my heart apart. The second half of the movie is a masterpiece. If you haven’t watched this beautiful movie yet Please do! You won’t ever regret.

I guess that’s it for this post. Loved Sharing my top picks with you all. Let me know about yours on Instagram !

Stay in touch. Happy Holidays guys! X

– Millie

A Week In Darjeeling

So I’m guessing most of you who follow me on social media already know how much in love with Darjeeling I am. This blog post is dedicated to the most beautiful place I’ve actually been to (until now).

This trip was actually a long awaited vacation with my family and I believe that traveling with family is really really important. Yes, there are perks of traveling with friends as far as enjoyment and freedom is concerned but I guess I just feel it this way that your Family is forever. Your bond with them is important. Anyway. Coming back. We were on a hotel which had the best view. We could see the Himalayas from our room and even better from the balcony of course.

We went to every single tourist attraction-place but my favorites probably will be the Rock Garden and Tea Garden (because I got to dress up). The other spots include The Nightangel Park, different viewing points, Nepal Borders, Kerseoung, Tiger Hill, Mirik Lake, Japanese Temple, Zoo and so on..

I’ve shared pictures on my Instagram account so I’m not uploading them here anymore.

Now let’s talk about the temperature this time of the year. Is December a good time to visit Darjeeling? If you love cold(Like I do) then YES! GO AHEAD. If you’re not a fan of the winters then absolutely not. It’s 3° during the day so I’d suggest not to. I had to put on 3 sweaters and still it wasn’t enough. I’m not complaining though. My skin has actually never been better and at the risk of sounding really really racist ( which you can trust me on this, I’m not ) my complexion got lighter and I got natural pinkish cheeks. Loving it till it lasts.

There’s one thing I feel like I should say or else it wouldn’t do justice to my love for the place! The people are really really awesome. They’re helpful, compassionate and smart. They’re always looking out for each other. And they’re looking out for the environment as well because the place is so clean. Loved it!

There’s this dish you really need to try when you visit. It’s called “Thukpa” and also you could give the Hot Chocolate and Kulhar Chai from Lazeez Affairé (near Mall Road) a shot.

I guess another reason why Darjeeling is going to be my favorite place is because of how affordable the lifestyle is? Everything is so original and affordable. ( If you visit the Pashupati Market – Nepal Border you’ll Know what I mean)

I really don’t want to stop going on about this place but all good things must come to an end right? So that’s it for the blog. I’ll attach a few pictures right below if you wanna check out.

Till then,

Happy Holidays to every single one of you.



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